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What do soul lessons have to do with my pet's health problem?

All living creatures are physical, spirit and energy beings...people and animals alike.

It is not uncommon when talking to people about their health concerns in western medicine, that the disease is addressed, but no thought or mention is made regarding the individual's mental, emotional or energy imbalance that brought them to the point of dis-ease. The presence of disharmony in the body is an indication that there was an imbalance in another area in the body, or energy body, that precipitated the breakdown in health and wellness. We talk about people being heart broken developing heart disease, which if not addressed and healed can lead to physical illness manifesting in the body. It is understood that every cell is made of atoms, and molecules that come together in varying patterns to take shape and form cells and living organisms. When you look at the way our universe is put together, everything we see, touch and hear are varying forms of expressions of energy, and energy interacting with other combinations of energy.

When we talk to each other, our words are just the tip of the iceberg of what we are fully communicating with each other. We speak with each other on a much deeper emotional and intuitive level all the time. Animals are more highly evolved in the language of intuition in communicating with each other and with people.

This is how Soul Level Animal Communication works through an exchange of energy flowing from one soul (energy being) to another. It works with animals and people alike. The difference is that animals are much more evolved in using their intuition than most people. They do their best to connect with us, and to get their messages across, but being the work in progress that all of us humans are, we often don't hear the messages that our beloved pet is attempting to get through to us. So, our animals have to get creative to find ways to get our attention. Sometimes the measures or actions that our animals take might seem extreme, but there is always meaning behind their actions, and even their illnesses.

I recently connected with a woman and her horse. The horse has been experiencing a physical ailment, and had been tested by the vet. As is often the case, the horse's human had questions about the horse's past, what might be in his environment that was causing the symptoms, etc. The horse wanted little to do with answering her questions about the 3D world, but he wanted desperately to reach her to talk about the soul lessons that he was trying to work with her on in order to assist her in finding greater spiritual expansion, healing and joy. She was clearly not interested in hearing about what her horse wanted her to know on the soul level. It was clear that she didn't understand that her horse's physical manifestation had something to do with a soul lesson that he was attempting to help her to learn.

We humans find very creative ways (work arounds) of avoiding feeling pain in our lives. We learn to be people pleasers to avoid the pain of rejection. We learn self deprecating humor to make others laugh, and prevent us feeling the injury of judgment from their lips. There are countless work arounds that we develop over the course of our lifetime to avoid some of the really tough work of self discovery, to heal areas of our hearts where we feel unlovable, undeserving or unworthy, not being good enough, or not feeling safe, supported and protected. Our animals throughout our lives are here with us at each appointed time, by divine plan. They agreed with our souls before our birth to come into this life with us to assist us on our spiritual plan for evolving as a divine soul having a human experience.

If we can remember that everything that we experience is here to help us on our path to spiritual expansion, then perhaps some of the challenges will start to feel more like a puzzle or a riddle to work out. Maybe then we will have a lighter heart when facing these riddles, and realize that this experience is happening for our benefit. There is great love here in our connection with our animals who have mastered unconditional love. Sometimes all it takes is the smallest of an adjustment in our perspective to shift the view, and like a brilliantly colored kaleidoscope, the most breath taking colors take shape before our eyes...and we can see with new perspective. Our viewpoint shifts, which affects how we think and feel, and with this shift in our energy, we are on a new path of self awareness, healing and growth.

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