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Connecting With Our Pets in Spirit

It had been many years since I last saw my beloved childhood horse, Klassey. We shared a very deep bond of friendship and affection from the moment we met.

Ever since I was very young, I was drawn to all animals, but especially horses. I attribute some of that to my godparents, Uncle Chet and Aunt Dottie, and their lovely farm that I would visit regularly on weekends. My cousin Patti's horse, Tex, was a beautiful gentle giant. Patti started taking me for rides when I was a toddler on Tex. Riding on Tex with Patti on their dirt road, and in the pasture, are some of my happiest early childhood memories. It still makes my heart sing to recall those precious moments.

I had longed for a horse of my own my whole childhood, but living in town was not conducive to having a horse for a lower middle class family in the Detroit suburbs.

At the age of 13, my parents moved our family to the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan to a 40 acre farm in order to have the hobby farm experience that they hoped would bring them peace and contentment. My mother had sheep, and goats that she had purchased from a farm north of Detroit, and I hoped to have a horse. Money was tight, as it often was, but my grandfather offered to buy a horse for me. Soon after we found Klassey, a 2 year old Appaloosa/Polish Arabian from a local owner in the county where we lived. I felt like I had known her for years, and she took to me immediately - like I had met an old friend.

For the next two years, I spent some evenings and most of my weekends on Klassey's back. We explored many old logging trails, and rode down to Lake Superior. She was so brave and calm, and I felt more peaceful and strong in her presence. There was much emotional and psychological turmoil in our home due to my parents mental illness issues, alcohol abuse and abusive behavior that I sought solace from Klassey, and felt so loved and comforted being with her. I struggled with depression and anxiety in silence. In spite of our family issues, those 2 years living on the farm with Klassey, were some of my happiest times of my childhood. Klassey was a balm for my heart.

Tess, Beau and Bonnie
Knowing that Klassey is working with my current horses on soul lessons with me is a comfort.

When my parents decided that the family should move to Florida to help care for my grandparents who had retired there and whose health was deteriorating, I was torn. I was happy at the thought of living near my Grams and Gramps again, but devastated that I would have to be parted from my beloved Klassey. My Uncle brought her to his farm in West Virginia, and later sold her to a local family.

I had often wondered how she felt about our parting, and if she had a good life. Recently, I was able to connect with Klassey during a Soul Level Animal Communition® reading with my sister, Ronni, who also gives SLAC readings. She suggested connecting with Klassey, but I was tentative at the thought-I worried that Klassey had suffered. I know that I had. The reading was such an amazing healing experience. Klassey shared that she didn't want me to be sad about our parting, and that she was still connected with me, and currently working with my horses on our farm to help me continue with the soul lessons that I have yet to learn. I felt such joy and peace knowing that there is a plan that we are working on with our beloved pets, and that they are still there on the other side sending us love and guidance on our path of spiritual growth by supporting us with their love.

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