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What is my dog trying to tell me?

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

I don't understand why my pug keeps intermittently peeing on the rug by the door.

There are so many times that I have tried to figure out why our sweet little pug, Mushu, insists on ruining the rug by the door... and there have been several rugs through the years, because after so many accidents the smell can no longer be washed away! We knew that she could hold her bladder. We always let her out and walked her before we were going to be away from home. Honestly, I was also getting tired of having to throw away rugs and decided that it was time to get in touch with someone who could help me sort through this enigma.

So, I reached out to one of my Soul Level Animal Communication colleagues to see what Mushu would share with her. Why didn't I connect with Mushu myself you might ask. Much like a physician is advised not to treat his own family members, it is similar with Soul Level Animal Communication, because it is difficult to be objective when you are so closely connected to your loved one, or loved fur baby. I was surprised by what she shared during our session. Mushu has been working with my husband and me to find the joy in our daily lives by reminding us that there is always time to play. This made sense to me, as we both work long hours in our day jobs. What I wasn't expecting to hear is that her marking on the rug was connected to her attempts to draw my attention to moments when I was not taking care of myself, by activities that bring me joy and nurture me.

Mushu was trying to tell me that I was not nurturing myself in my daily routine by triggering my old wound from childhood of not feeling worthy. One of the things that she told me to do during the session was to dance. When I was a little girl I longed to take ballet lessons. For one year, my parents were able to send me, but it wasn't long before they told me that I could not continue, because they could not afford to keep paying for the lessons. As a result of this session, my husband and I signed up for ball room dance classes in order to learn swing dance, among other routines. It's funny, but since we started our dance lessons 3 months ago, Mushu has not had one "wetting accident" on the rug by the door.

I really do love this little fur baby, but why does she trigger such an intense irritation in me when she does this bad behavior?

Behavior triggers, who knew there was a hidden message...

If only I had known what Mushu was trying to tell me several years would have saved a lot of money that was wasted on new rugs by the front door!

It is so amazing to know that there is a message behind the irritating behavior that Mushu has been trying to communicate in the only way she knows how. The more time I spend communicating with animals, the more amazed I am by the lessons they are helping us all to some very inventive ways. It absolutely peeks my curiosity now when one of my fur babies does something to irritate me. I start trying to figure out the lesson that is motivating the specific behavior.

What is your fur baby trying to tell you by his or her annoying behavior?

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