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Meet Jennie Weaver

Intuitive Life Coach and Animal Communicator

Ever since I can remember, I believed that I could communicate with animals with my thoughts and heart. I felt a deep connection to our family pets, but also all animals, people and all living things. I just wanted to love everything in this world.  I was a sensitive and intuitive child, and was often told that I was too sensitive.  As I grew older, I often sought solace from my pets and nature on a daily basis to cope with the stress or painful moments of life, and I still do. 

Living a fully authentic life has become my life's mission. Sharing my love for life and gratitude for the many gifts we all share as members of this beautiful earth is part of my life's calling. For some time, I was afraid of being seen for all of who I am. My preference has been being the one behind the camera more so than being in the picture. I feel driven to helping others heal, and be the best they can be. Peace of mind, body and soul while living a heart centered life is an ideal that many people I have known are yearning to achieve.

Out of my passion for helping others live to their fullest potential, I have spent the last 23 years of ​my life helping others in a healing profession as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Growing up in an alcoholic family with abuse issues heightened and intensified my intuitive and empathic abilities that have guided me in all areas of my life. Many times I have felt other people's pain before they have told me their stories, or before laying hands on them. I felt drawn several years ago to study Reiki with William Lee Rand, and am a certified Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master. Reiki has brought a profound energy shift in my own healing from pain and past wounds.

After attending a Soul Level Animal Communication® (SLAC) weekend session at the Omega Institute with Danielle MacKinnon, I realized that on some levels I have been communicating with animals since my earliest childhood experiences with my beloved pets, and other animals that I came in contact with in our world. I knew that I wanted to study with Danielle and apply the SLAC skills to help other people and their animals connect on a deeper level, for the fun of it, for clarity and deeper understanding of human and animal relationships. We never know what wisdom our animal friends have to share with us until we connect with them and ask. Trusting our animal friends' wisdom and unconditional love is a mind expanding experience.

I have continued my studies with Soul Level Intuitive Coaching ® (SLIC). Working with our Guides when intuitively coaching another is a joyful experience and process that helps us awaken to a deeper understanding of ourselves. It helps us to identify our limiting beliefs that are interfering with us living the life we want. It is a process of 4 to 6 sessions of connecting with our Guides to help remove energetic blocks that will cause rapid release of anxieties and fears. Journaling can be helpful during this process. Intuitive coaching helps us to recognize behaviors and patterns we have used to cope with our life's stress and fears. SLIC is an accelerated way to shed light on the blind spots that are holding you back. By recognizing what motivates your behavior, you become free to choose to keep or let go of that which no longer serves you. You are free to live the life you desire to your fullest potential. 


Why Intuitive Life Coaching and Soul Level Animal Communication®?

Intuitive Life Coaching works with our Guides to help us discover and clear any limiting beliefs that may be interfering with our ability to live the life we desire.  

Soul Level Animal Communication® assists us in connecting with an animal who is working with us on life lessons they have agreed to collaborate with us in order to help us reach our fullest potential.

Intuitive Life Coaching can help you feel empowered and release anxiety symptoms. 

A Soul Level Animal Communication® reading can help relieve anxiety for you and your pet. 



Connecting with your Guides helps to clear self limiting beliefs, empower you with  love and support to relieve stress. 

Connecting with your animal on the soul level helps you gain insights in your animal lessons to relieve stress.



Fear is a motivating energy that tells us we are not in alignment with Source. Our Guides want to help us live to our fullest potential.

Frustration or pain can be the catalyst that our animals use to get our attention!





“I can easily say that working with Jennie changed my life. I had already been on a long and winding healing journey before I began working with her. The breakthroughs I had during our sessions propelled me forward and into such a different and more loving space. It’s easier and easier for me to find peace in my body, in my mind, and in my life due in large part to this work. I am by no means done growing, but am so grateful that she helped shine a light on the dark corners within me that needed healing. It’s clear when working with her that she is relating messages from beyond. Her warmth and support, combined with the messages from My Guides helped me shed some old limiting thoughts and behaviors completely, while bringing awareness to others so I can make the conscious choice of how I want to meet them. I recommend diving in and committing to multiple sessions - the REALLY juicy revelations and shifts came in the later sessions for me. I’m just so grateful for this experience!”

- Michael Lauren

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