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Jennie Weaver
Specializing in Assisting Survivors of Childhood Trauma


Offering Intuitive Life Coaching,
Distance Reiki & Aura Clearing 

 Meet Jennie Weaver

Intuitive Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner


As a survivor of Adverse Childhood Experiences, living a life of joy, love and peace while recovering from childhood trauma and abuse has been my life's mission. The desire for not just healing but thriving has lead me to pursue emotional, mental and spiritual practices that have included meditation, yoga, reiki as well as working with my soul guides with intuitive coaching. These healing pursuits have helped me to release fear, trapped emotions and energy blocks in order to more fully love and embrace all of who I am. 

We all deserve to live a life where we are not just surviving but thriving.

It would be an honor to work with you and assist you on your unique healing journey to living the life your soul intended. 

I wish you much love, light and many blessings.

Meet Jennie
Why Soul Level Animal Communication

Why Intuitive Life Coaching, Distance Reiki,
& Aura Clearing?

Intuitive Life Coaching works with our Guides to help us discover and clear any limiting beliefs that may be interfering with our ability to live the life we desire.  
Reiki and Aura Clearing helps to remove energy blocks from past trauma that are interfering with our bodies ability to fully heal in order to reach our fullest potential.

Intuitive Life Coaching can help you feel empowered and release anxiety symptoms. 

Reiki and Aura Clearing can help to relieve anxiety, trapped emotions and energies in your body.



Connecting with your Guides helps to clear self limiting beliefs, empower you with  love and support to relieve stress. 

Reiki and Aura Clearing help to release tension in the body and relieve stress.



Fear is a motivating energy that tells us we are not in alignment with Source. Our Guides want to help us live to our fullest potential.

Fear is a common trapped emotion that causes chronic pain in our body. Reiki can help.





“I can easily say that working with Jennie changed my life. I had already been on a long and winding healing journey before I began working with her. The breakthroughs I had during our sessions propelled me forward and into such a different and more loving space. It’s easier and easier for me to find peace in my body, in my mind, and in my life due in large part to this work. I am by no means done growing, but am so grateful that she helped shine a light on the dark corners within me that needed healing. It’s clear when working with her that she is relating messages from beyond. Her warmth and support, combined with the messages from My Guides helped me shed some old limiting thoughts and behaviors completely, while bringing awareness to others so I can make the conscious choice of how I want to meet them. I recommend diving in and committing to multiple sessions - the REALLY juicy revelations and shifts came in the later sessions for me. I’m just so grateful for this experience!”

- Michael Lauren

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& Aura Clearing

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